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Included in this Excursion:

  • transfer
  • guide
  • entrance fee to national park
  • boat trip


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Duration of this excursioncruise:

The Island of Mljet trip lasts a full day.

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For pricing information, please contact us.


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Excursion Description:

The island of Mljet is one of the loveliest and most densely wooded islands in the Adriatic Sea. A part of the island has been declared a national park, whose main attractions are two salt-water lakes – Veliko jezero and Malo jezero (Great Lake and Small Lake), with an islet in the Great Lake with 12th-century Benedictine Monastery. We shall take a boat ride to the islet of St. Mary, and pass some time enjoying a pleasant stroll through dense pine woods, swimming in the lovely saltwater lake or visiting the convent.