101 Years Around the World!

Kollander World Travel first opened its doors in May of 1923 as a one-man agency with entrepreneur August Kollander, Sr. His original office was located in the ethnic community of E. 65th and St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. At that time, the majority of the business was selling steamship passage to European immigrants returning to their homeland, and providing a wide range of special services to the local neighborhood. He met with huge success in creating special heritage tours, and tailor-made escorted tours that visited a range of countries, particularly those of Central Europe. The office has specialized in travel to Slovenia and Croatia throughout its existence. In 1967 Cleveland radio personality Tony Petkovsek joined Kollander Travel and is active as a community ambassador and host for many group tours.

For 101 years of its existence, Kollander World Travel has handled destinations and groups that are as varied in the number of participants as they are in the choice of vacation spots. In addition to planning exotic tours to the Far East, India, China, Australia and South Africa for select groups, the agency has also organized many trips of heritage and pilgrimage themes to Europe, as well as groups numbering into the hundreds on Caribbean cruises, Hawaii, Mexico and Las Vegas tours. Well-known local personalities and a number of well-established fraternal and civic organizations from throughout the United States have also called upon Kollander World Travel for complete travel arrangements.

Today, Kollander World Travel is comprised of an extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff, all who have been at Kollander for many years. They have traveled far and wide, giving clients the benefit of their professional expertise and firsthand knowledge of the product. The staff specializes in international and domestic travel, cruises, tours, group and corporate travel. Modern technology combined with our worldwide network of partners and suppliers help us provide our clients service.

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