Address: Cankarjeva 4, 4260 Bled, Slovenija
Tel: +386 4 579 17 00


Tradition and Local Stories in Service of Well-Being

The hotel with the largest conference premises in Bled is returning to nature and sustainability, as well as the tradition, culture, and history of the local area.  The renovated hotel will become a place where the rich tradition of the past intertwines with modern health and wellness programmes.  In the 19th century, Swiss natural healer Arnold Rikli discovered health and wellness in Bled, which are facilitated by Bled’s beneficial micro-climate (clean mountain air, stunning nature, and favourable climate with lots of sunny days), and laid the foundations for spa tourism in Slovenia. We are reviving Rikli’s concept of healing by renovating the hotel; Hotel situated above Lake Bled, will come to life in March and become a space full of new attractions, where the soothing effects of nature will help you to relax and fully recharge.


  • A modern hotel with a touch of sustainability
  • The best view of Lake Bled
  • Thermal water pools
  • Wellness concept according to Rikli
  • Conference premises
  • Seasonal cuisine
  • Free wi-fi
  • Free parking