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Included in this Excursion:

  • transfer
  • guide
  • entrance fee
  • lunch


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Duration of this excursion:

The Cilipi / Konavoski Dvori / Konavle Tour trip lasts one full day.

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For pricing information, please contact us.


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Excursion Description:

This tour takes us to the heart of the Konavle Valley, to Ćilipi – a village known for its carefully preserved folk customs, rich national costumes and famous embroidery. Enjoy your stay by walking round this picturesque village, buy a traditional souvenir or attend Mass at St. Nicolas church. After Mass, a folklore performance takes place in front of the church. Our drive through the village Popovići and Radovčići takes us to Molunat for a photo break. Lunch will follow at the restaurant Konavoski Dvori, preceded by a traditional welcome of local brandy and dried figs. Enjoy the romantic charm created by the swift river lined with greenery, exceptional wines and traditional cuisine of the area.

A visit to the gallery of the local painter Mijo Šiša Konavljanin in the village of Mihartići will round off this memorable and highly enjoyable excursion.